Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Project Menu and Buttons

A project is a packaging of a dataset, variable selections, explorations, clusters and models built from the data. Rattle allows projects to be saved for later resumption of the work or for sharing the data mining project with other users.

A project is typically saved to a file with the .rattle extension (although in reality it is just a standard .RData file.

At a later time you can load a project into rattle to restore the data, models, and other displayed information relating to the project, and resume your data mining from that point. You can also share these project files with other Rattle users, which is quite useful for data mining teams.

You can rename the files, keeping the .rattle extension, without impacting the project file itself--that is, the file name has no formal bearing on the contents, so use it to be descriptive--but best to avoid vacant spaces and unusual characters!

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