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The Moment of Truth

You system's first boot on its own power is what electrical engineers call the ``smoke test.'' If you have any floppies in your floppy drive, remove them. Select the ``Reboot the System'' menu item.

If are booting directly into Debian and the system doesn't start up, either use your original installation boot media (for instance, the Rescue Floppy) or insert the Custom Boot floppy if you created one, and then reset your system. If you are not using the Custom Boot floppy, you will probably need to add some boot arguments. If booting with the Rescue Floppy or similar technique, you need to specify rescue root=rootfs, where rootfs is your root partition, such as /dev/sda1.

Debian should boot, and you should see the same messages as when you first booted the installation system, followed by some new messages.

John Goerzen / Ossama Othman