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Many people have helped with this manual. We'd like to thank everyone involved, and we try to do that here.

Thanks to Havoc Pennington, Ardo van Rangelrooij, Larry Greenfield, Thalia Hooker, Day Irmiter, James Treacy, Craig Sawyer, Oliver Elphick, Ivan E. Moore II, Eric Fischer, Mike Touloumtzis, and the Linux Documentation Project for their work on what became the Debian Tutorial document.

Thanks to Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation for advice and editing.

Thanks to Bruce Perens, Sven Rudolph, Igor Grobman, James Treacy, Adam Di Carlo, Tapio Lehtonen, and Stéphane Bortzmeyer for their work on what became a collection of installation documents.

Of course, it's impossible to thank the hundreds of Debian developers and thousands of free software authors who gave us something to write about and use.

John Goerzen / Ossama Othman