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How to Cite this Work

This is a Web-published document. Below are some example citations:

"Permanent Living Documents" on the Web

While this is presently a Web-only document, it is intended to be permanent, in the sense that page-level links should work "forever" (though a few may change while this is labeled a "draft" version). Any page updates are intended only to correct errata, add information, and otherwise enhance the content in a manner consistent with the original scope (as defined by the page title). Any changes at all will result in an update of the copyright date at the bottom of each page. In summary, it is intended that each HTML page serve as a "permanent, living document" on the Web.

Note that the page-level stability described above is only for pages within this directory ("filters"). The projected stability of other directories, in the case of book drafts, is described in the file [name]/[name]-citation.html, where [name] is the name of the directory. Anything already published is of course stable.

Electronic copies of the entire HTML document may be freely made for on-line, non-commercial usages (e.g., to maximize local access speed, guarantee future availability in exactly the current form, and the like). In such copies, relative URLs pointing outside the current document should be converted to absolute URLs. Other changes may be made only with the permission of the author(s). Please do not remove the existing absolute links at the bottom of each HTML page which point back to the original location of the document.

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