Contents of /pub/documentation/xactstep6 Files/Patches/Information for the XACT core tools on a PC platform. ============================================================================= Filename Size File Description ============================================================================= desmgr.pdf 1,460KB Design Manager Flow Engine Reference / User Guide dsref1.pdf 907KB Development System Reference Guide Volume 1 dsref2.pdf 1,796KB Development System Reference Guide Volume 2 dsref3.pdf 1,498KB Development System Reference Guide Volume 3 dsuser.pdf 1,434KB Development System Users Guide floorpln.pdf 1,787KB Floorplanner Reference/User Guide hardware.pdf 1,221KB Hardware and Peripherals User Guide hdlsynth.pdf 2,212KB HDL Synthesis For FPGAs Design Guide hdwdebug.pdf 2,881KB Hardware Debugger Reference/User Guide hw130doc.pdf 329 kB XACTstep HW-130 Programmer User Guide For All Platforms Uploaded: 02-13-97 install.pdf 662KB Getting Started Installation Guide (XACT 5.2.x/6.0.x) library.pdf 4,406KB Libraries Guide (for 2000, 3000, 4000, and 7000) libsupl.pdf 1,448KB Libraries Supplement Guide (for XC4000E and 5200) promfile.pdf 649KB PROM File Formatter Reference/User Guide timing.pdf 3,174KB Timing Analyzer Reference/User Guide xblox.pdf 1,030KB X-BLOX Reference/User Guide xnfspec.pdf 390KB Xilinx Netlist Format (XNF) Specification Version 6.1 June 1, 1995 xnfspecs_61.tar.Z 850KB Postscript files of the XNF Specification. This file is compressed and tar'ed.