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Signal Plots: swanalplot.m

Figure H.13 lists a Matlab script for plotting input and output signals for the simplest lowpass filter in §2.2, used in Fig.2.4 to produce Fig.2.5. This is not really a ``utility'' since it relies on global variables. It is instead a script containing mundane plotting code that was omitted from Fig.2.4 to make it fit on one page. I include it only because people keep asking for it! The script is compatible with Matlab only.

Figure: Matlab script for plotting input/output signals in Fig.2.5.

%swanalplot.m - plots needed by swanal.m

doplots = 1; % set to 0 to skip plots
dopause = 0; % set to 1 to pause after each plot
if doplots
  ttl=sprintf('Filter Input Sinusoid, f(%d)=%0.2f',k,f(k));
  tinterp=0:(t(2)-t(1))/10:t(end); % interpolated time axis
  si = ampin*cos(2*pi*f(k)*tinterp+phasein); % for plot
  hold on; plot(tinterp,si,'--k'); hold off;
  ttl='Filter Output Sinusoid';
  if dopause, disp('PAUSING - [RETURN] to continue . . .'); 
  pause; end

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