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Updated: April 25, 2000

Programmable Logic Device (SPLDs & CPLDs) - Software

SETUPEX.EXE (Download setupex.exe now. pages, 6852Kb, updated )
"(Register with Atmel to get the Serial Number.) Atmel-WinCUPL, Version 5.1 is suitable for WIN95, WIN98, and WIN NT platforms and has a limited number of compiles equal to 100 or a time limit of one year, whichever occurs first. You will need a Serial Number before you can run this application. Please Register here to obtain the number. Install this version of WinCUPL on the local drive of your PC. For a permanent license for Atmel-WinCUPL, please contact your local sales rep or FAE. For upgrades to expanded versions of Win-CUPL, please contact Logical Devices."
CUPL_BUG.PDF (Download cupl_bug.pdf now. pages, 24Kb, updated )
Atmel-CUPL Bug Listing
ATWCPL48.ZIP (Download atwcpl48.zip now. pages, 2071Kb, updated )
"Atmel-WinCUPL (v4.8b) is the entry level PLD design system, running under the windows environment. Full design entry, simulation and JEDEC file generation for Atmel EPLDs. After downloading this file you must Register to get key number before use. Use PKUNZIP -d atwcpl48.zip. Unzip this file to create DISK1.ZIP then use command: PKUNZIP -d DISK1.ZIP a:\ to unzip onto floppy. Repeat the same for DISK2.ZIP and run a:\setup."
LIB48A.ZIP (Download lib48a.zip now. pages, 80Kb, updated )
Device Library includes: ATF1508AS and ATF750C/CL in all available packages.
KIT1502.EXE (Download kit1502.exe now. pages, 982Kb, updated )
Atmel-Synario ATF1502 Device Kit. This kit will update support on Atmel-Synario Versions V4.x and above to include support for the Atmel ATF1502AS device(s) including the ATF1502 Fitter.
K1504B10.EXE (Download k1504b10.exe now. pages, 1018Kb, updated )
Atmel-Synario ATF1504 Device Kit. This kit will update support on Atmel-Synario Versions V3.x and above to include support for the Atmel ATF1504AS device(s) including the ATF1504 Fitter. Before downloading it please Register with us. An enable code will be automatically e-mailed to you so you can install the Device Kit.
JED2AHDL.ZIP (Download jed2ahdl.zip now. pages, 181Kb, updated )
Contains JEDEC-to-ABEL de-compiler. Refer to SETUP.TXT for setup instructions and requirements.
APPLIST.TXT (Download applist.txt now. pages, 3Kb, updated )
List of Synario Application Notes on the Data I/O BBS.
MISC.TXT (Download misc.txt now. pages, 1Kb, updated )
List of Synario Misc. files on Data I/O BBS
KIT411B4.EXE (Download kit411b4.exe now. pages, 824Kb, updated )
"Device support patch for Atmel-Synario V4.11 ATF16V8C, ATF22V10C, ATF750C support. Run Kit411b4.exe to install. (This kit is also available on the Synario website www.synario.com)"
EVAL411.ZIP (Download eval411.zip now. pages, 229Kb, updated )
Licensing files for Evaluation Version of Synario (V4.11) with Blue Security Key. Please unzip this file onto floppy disk and read README for installation instructions. This license expires on 6/20/00.
FITPAL.ZIP (Download fitpal.zip now. pages, 108Kb, updated )
"Atmel-ABEL Generic Fitter for 16V8, 20V8 and 22V10 devices - for Atmel-Abel 5.10"
ATF1500AS Fitter
FIT1500.ZIP (Download fit1500.zip now. pages, 282Kb, updated )
"ATF1500 Fitter V2.41. This fitter works with Atmel-ABEL, Data I/O ABEL, Atmel-Synario, Data I/O Synario, and Atmel-ProPLD. This ZIP file contains the FIT1500.EXE file only."
FIT15WIN.ZIP (Download fit15win.zip now. pages, 195Kb, updated )
ATF1500 Fitter V2.41. This fitter works with Data I/O and Atmel-Synario V3.0 or higher.
1500_241.ZIP (Download 1500_241.zip now. pages, 1141Kb, updated )
"ATF1500 Fitter V2.41 Install Disk for Atmel-ABEL 4.1-5.1, Atmel CUPL 4.5b, 4.7a, and Data I/O ABEL 4.2-5.x, Atmel WinCUPL 4.7b, 4.8a."
ATF1504AS Fitter
FIT1504.ZIP (Download fit1504.zip now. pages, 254Kb, updated )
ATF1504 Fitter Version Beta 1.2.3. This fitter works Atmel-Synario ad Atmel-WinCUPL. This ZIP file contains the FIT1504.Exe and a readme file
ATF1508AS Fitter
DOS1508.ZIP (Download dos1508.zip now. pages, 151Kb, updated )
ATF1508 Fitter (DOS Version) works with Atmel-WinCUPL Version 4.8a or higher.
SYN1508.ZIP (Download syn1508.zip now. pages, 785Kb, updated )
Contains ATF1508AS fitter-Beta Version 1.2 for Atmel Synario 4.11. Use pkunzip-d and extract in the Synario root directory.
ATV750/750B/2500/2500B Fitter
FIT2500.ZIP (Download fit2500.zip now. pages, 304Kb, updated )
"FIT2500.EXE V4.38. This fitter can be used for Atmel-ABEL 5.x and 6.0, Atmel-Synario, Atmel-ProPLD and Viewlogic Workview Office 7.4x."
ABLFIT25.ZIP (Download ablfit25.zip now. pages, 425Kb, updated )
FIT2500.EXE and DOS Extender can be used for ViewLogic ProPLD or ViewPLD in Workview+.
ViewLogic Viewsynthesis/Prosynthesis
DIOSML.ZIP (Download diosml.zip now. pages, 8Kb, updated )
"DIO DML Library for ViewLogic, ViewSynthesis or ProSynthesis. Require ViewPLD or ProPLD option to create ABEL source file."
Embedded ISP Programming
EMBEDISP.EXE (Download embedisp.exe now. pages, 979Kb, updated )
"Before downloading please Register with us to get the password required to install this software. ATF1500AS Embedded ISP Programming Suite. This suite includes the AJX Player (Programs the device), Chncrtr (Chain file creator), Chn2ajx (Chain file to AJX file converter), and Ajx2chn (AJX file to chain file converter) utilities for embedded ISP programming. Source codes and user's manuals for these utilities are also included."
In-System Programming
ATMISP.EXE (Download atmisp.exe now. pages, 1586Kb, updated )
Latest Atmel ISP software that runs under Windows 95/98 and should be used with the Atmel ISP or the Altera ByteBlaster cable to download program files (JEDEC) into the Atmel 1500AS family of CPLDs.
ATMISPNT.EXE (Download atmispnt.exe now. pages, 1529Kb, updated )
"Latest in-system programming software for the Win NT (3X, 4X) platform. Follow instructions in README file."
Conversion Software
POF2JED.ZIP (Download pof2jed.zip now. pages, 79Kb, updated )
"POF-to-JEDEC File Conversion Utility Version 4.2 Converts Altera POF file to Atmel JED file. Supports all packages and speed types for ATF1500/A, ATF1502AS/ASV, ATF1504AS/ASV, and ATF1508AS/ASV."
SVFPCF10.EXE (Download svfpcf10.exe now. pages, 791Kb, updated )
"Version 1.0. Self-extracting. Converts Rev D. Serial Vector Format Files (SVF) generated by Atmel-ISP software to Pattern Capture Format (PCF) files supported by the Hewlett Packard (HP) HP3060, 3062, 3065, 3070 Series I, II, II ATE testers. Before downloading please Register with us. An enable code will be e-mailed to you automatically so you can install the software."
CNTDOWN.ABL (Download cntdown.abl now. pages, 1Kb, updated )
Simple 6-Bit Down Counter Example
LS469.ZIP (Download ls469.zip now. pages, 2Kb, updated )
V750B ABEL file for LS469 emulator
XPROG.TXT (Download xprog.txt now. pages, 2Kb, updated )
16V8 and 20V8 Cross Programming Procedure
GCOUNT.ABL (Download gcount.abl now. pages, 26Kb, updated )
ABEL Greycode Counter using equations
GREYCODE.ABL (Download greycode.abl now. pages, 2Kb, updated )
ABEL Greycode Counter using state machine syntax
Misc. Files
COUNT25B.ZIP (Download count25b.zip now. pages, 3Kb, updated )
16-Bit Counter Benchmark for ATV2500B
4BITCNT.ZIP (Download 4bitcnt.zip now. pages, 2Kb, updated )
CUPL4-Bit down counter example
LS491.ZIP (Download ls491.zip now. pages, 3Kb, updated )
V750B ABEL and JED files for LS491 emulator
PWM.ABL (Download pwm.abl now. pages, 7Kb, updated )
8-Bit programmable PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) controller in a V750B. This design contains the following: 8-Bit T-type Counter; 8-Bit Data Latch; and 8-Bit Identity Comparator (Application done by Paul Hill).
STEXAMPL.ZIP (Download stexampl.zip now. pages, 8Kb, updated )
State Machine ABEL example with Active High and Low Outputs
SYNTUTR.TXT (Download syntutr.txt now. pages, 4Kb, updated )
Synario test requirements and instructions
TEST102.ZIP (Download test102.zip now. pages, 475Kb, updated )
Synario Test Disk V1.02 PKUNZIP with -D option
ABELHDL.ZIP (Download abelhdl.zip now. pages, 782Kb, updated )
Contains ABEL_HDL.PDF: ABEL-HDL Acrobat Online Manual
SYNTUTR1.ZIP (Download syntutr1.zip now. pages, 92Kb, updated )
Contains Misc. test files for Synario training (Mocrosoft Word 6 doc)
BSDL.ZIP (Download bsdl.zip now. pages, 21Kb, updated )
BSDL files for ATF1508AS in all package types.